Age and Experience

The B/X Blackrazor blog inspired me to come up with this little table.

My first thought was: bonus content for Alpha Blue, but this table is applicable to a wide variety of RPGs. More than likely, this will appear in a future Alpha Blue adventure.

Determine your character's adventuring maturity by rolling on the following table and choosing the word or phrase that best fits. Game mechanical benefits were added on 1/8/16. Of course, this could be used for NPCs just as easily as PCs.

How Old and/or Experienced is your Character?

1. Babe in the woods, rookie, noob, apprentice, amateur, wide eyed, or just starting out ::: Once per session, you have advantage on getting people to like and want to help you.

2. Hotshot, novice, trainee, pupil, up and coming, promising, or learning the ropes ::: Once per session, you have advantage when attacking impulsively... firing first and asking questions later.

3. Adept, professional, seasoned, qualified, versed, savvy, or top of your game ::: Once per session, you get to roll a dice pool of 4d6 when it's relevant to your character class.

4. Veteran, battle-scarred, disciplined, old pro, hardened, long-serving, worldly, sophisticated, nearing retirement, or I'm getting too old for this shit ::: Once per session, you have advantage on some obscure knowledge, skill, or technique; something you might have come across in your many travels.


If you use it in your game, please let us know!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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