Alpha Blue - Space Muslim Splinter Group

Elvehjem Azahd

Within the Interstellar Caliphate, most space Muslims are peaceful, Allah worshiping citizens of the universe. Unfortunately, roughly a third were radicalized into warlike jihadists by dark prophets who mysteriously came from the deserts of Toga-Togo. These black robed clerics perverted the Qur’an to their own advantage. Many believe they actually serve some nameless and malevolent godlike entity.

The ultra-violent extremists, led by the dark prophets, took power by murdering the benevolent Caliph Abdul Mubdi. Within a few short years, the regime became a machine of terror and destruction, forcing its way deeper into the core star systems.

Anyone who actively opposed the new face of the Interstellar Caliphate, especially space Muslims, were publicly beheaded after being tortured for information. Nevertheless, a splinter-group of space Muslims reacted to the jihadists who were terrorized the universe and stained the good name of Islam.

This group of righteous space Muslims who fight the terrorists were named after their first leader, Elvehjem Azahd, who died as a martyr at the battle of Thallujah. Today, Elvehjem Azahd is known throughout the space Muslim galaxies as “the purification of God” or “God’s purifiers”.
Though outnumbered, the Elvehjem Azahd fight tooth and nail to reorder the Interstellar Caliphate so it will again return to being a theo-political organization devoted to peace, learning, and brotherhood throughout the universe.

Rumors cannot confirm this, but more than a few outsiders claim that the Elvehjem Azahd use sorcery in their fight against the terrorist dogs and their ghazi troopers.


Authored by Venger Satanis
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