Venger Satanis

The whole China book burning thing gave me an idea for yet another inappropriate Alpha Blue random table... What's taboo in your neck of the galaxy? Roll on the "What Is... more
It's a tough universe out there, and difficult to make ends meet, especially after the Federation was taken over by radical leftist Democratic Socialists. Regulations, fees,... more
Gaming, specifically Game Mastering, requires self-reflection. Yes, a bit of introspection is necessary if one hopes to continually improve the game. I said this in How To... more
"I calculated my odds of ever getting together with a Portuguese waitress. Mathematically, I had to do it, Jerry." ~ Seinfeld With their blue within blue balls, the frema'an... more
I thought of an interesting optional rule for the sexy scifi roleplaying game Alpha Blue. PCs who come up with a good pick-up line receive advantage (effectively a re-roll) on... more
So, the the Cha'alt kickstarter has less than 55 hours to go (at the time of writing this). It's an exciting time in elf-games, and I'm overjoyed to participate in this... more
From an outsider's perspective, the world of Cha'alt is divided into zones, each with their own... idiosyncrasies. The Kingdom of Ja'alette is one such zone. It's a matriarchy... more
Let's say you're not a huge fan of the name Cha'alt... what do you do? First, let me tell you what it means. Webster's Dictionary defines the word Cha'alt as "greatness by way... more
The following are house-rules I plan on using for D... more
I've been watching Star Trek Discovery on DVD and am about halfway through season one. They've introduced the concept of inter-species sex and the mixed feelings that can... more
As you may have already heard, I'm a transhumanist who's recently become full-blown za'akier. So, it only makes sense that I post a write-up of that species for your anti-... more
Before I forget - the sleaziest scifi RPG in the galaxy, Alpha Blue, is FREE now through November 25th!!! I've been re-watching my boxed set of Red Dwarf and noticed their... more